Tracey Van Heerden, Kolmio, Jeweller

Kolmio is a jewellery design studio with an affinity for timeless pieces worn as everyday luxury.
Jewellery is much more than adornment, it is a carrier for reminiscence, expression and precious sentiments.
With this in mind, Kolmio comes alongside their clients to bring their envisioned pieces to life through precious metals, stones and sophisticated craftsmanship.

A truly creative collaboration with fine jewellery as an outcome.

The Jeweller

I’m Tracey, the heart and the hands behind Kolmio.
My love for jewellery started when I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, where I completed a BA Visual Arts Degree in Creative Jewellery Design and Metal Techniques (2014).

After my studies, I worked as a goldsmith in training at a local jewellery studio, Moonraker Design. When it was time for me to follow my heart, I got married and founded Kolmio in 2016. As a jeweller, I evolved and refined the way I think about jewellery.

Jewellery is a carrier for reminiscence and a form of expression that carries precious sentiments. I truly believe that each piece of jewellery you own should be loved and worn, since it carries personal sentiments that should be kept close to your heart.

I have a passion for wedding jewellery and reimagining heirloom pieces - bringing your unique story to life.

I look forward to joining hands with you to create your unique custom piece.