Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a product you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our terms & conditions.

All Kolmio pieces are made to order. A lead time of 3-4 weeks applies for online orders & 6 weeks for custom designs. These lead times are only a guide and are subject to change or delay. Every effort will be made to have your piece with you as soon as possible. If you need a piece before a specific date, please get in touch to find out if this is possible and to avoid any disappointment. We take great care with making your jewellery pieces and appreciate your patience.

We are constantly updating our products and therefore have the right to change the price and availability of our items online, without notice. All pricing for our products are subject to change.

Kindly consider your options and ask for guidance before making your purchase as changes to your order have a negative impact on our business and ability to offer products affordably. Make sure to provide us with the correct ring size, metal and stone choice for the design you choose. Penalty fees apply for changes made to an order, after payment was received.

For custom orders, prices for gemstones and precious metals are subject to change due to exchange rate movements, scarcity of materials and increase in metal and gem prices. The exchange rate will be set on the day the deposit is paid and the proof of payment is received. Therefore your final invoice will be adapted accordingly.
A 70% deposit is payable upon acceptance of the cost estimate supplied.
When your deposit has cleared in our bank account, a lead time of 4-6 weeks apply. 
The deposit you pay is your confirmation that you are happy with the stones chosen and design discussed. Once the payment is received, a sketch or digital image of your design will be sent to you for approval. Once you have approved your design, the design is set and production begins. Your deposit is non refundable due to specific materials sourced for your piece.
As soon as the piece is finished, you will receive an updated invoice with the exchange rate movements that occurred on the day the deposit payment was received. When the final invoice is issued, the payment is due within 7 days.
Penalty fees apply to late payment.

All goods remain the property of Kolmio, until fully paid for.

We do not keep finished jobs longer than 1 month after manufacturing. If you don’t collect your piece, Kolmio will not be liable if any damage or theft were to occur.

When old jewellery is given to remake into a new piece, we only keep the given materials for 1 month. If you don’t pay your deposit to continue with the remake, you will have to collect your materials on your own account and Kolmio won’t be liable if theft or damage were to occur.

With remodelling, we cannot be held liable if a stone chips or breaks when we take the stone out of its original setting. Kolmio takes great care when working with the precious stones provided by you, but in the event that a stone cracks or piece breaks in any way, we cannot be held liable, since we are working with an old jewellery piece made by another jeweller.

Please be sure to supply us with the correct ring size, since some designs have limitations to be sized. In South Africa, we work with British ring sizes (alphabetical letters).

Once you have received your jewellery piece, it is your responsibility to have your piece insured. Kolmio cannot be held liable if the customer loses any of the goods.