We recommend that you follow our Care Guidelines to take best care of your jewellery. This guide is available to read on our website here.

Great care should be taken by the wearer to ensure that your jewellery piece will be with you for a very long time. In the event that your adornment breaks, we can repair it for you free of charge within 3 months of purchase, should it be a manufacturing fault. After 3 months, the cost will be determined by the nature of the repair needed. If a piece is damaged due to improper care, negligence or accidental damage, we’ll inspect the piece in our workshop to determine if a repair is possible and what the repair cost will be.

Please note, manufacturing faults do not include: damage or wear and tear, broken chains, cracked or broken stones, or the bending of rings or earrings.

Chains are delicate by nature and should be handled with great care by the wearer. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for broken chains. All chains will be charged at a replacement fee, kindly contact us for the relevant chain fee.

It’s best to have your rings professionally cleaned and serviced every couple of years. Not only does it ensure that your rings are shiny again, but we have a look at your claws to make sure that everything is still in place. If you have a claw setting, it’s best to do this annually.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for repairs or resizing done by other jewellers, therefore we strongly recommend to always bring your Kolmio pieces directly to us.

We do not offer repair services for any jewellery items that were not manufactured by Kolmio.