Taking Care of Your Jewellery

You will be able to enjoy your bespoke jewellery piece for many years, but keep in mind that jewellery is precious and will only stay in a mint condition if you take care of it. Over time, factors like prolonged exposure to oxygen and the acidity of your skin may affect the colour and sheer of your jewellery.

I will gladly re-polish and clean your jewellery pieces, should you wish to bring them in from time to time. Alternatively, you can clean your jewellery pieces softly with a toothbrush, hot running water and sunlight liquid or ammonia. Brush your jewellery pieces softly with a brush and rinse with clean water thereafter.

White gold rings should be rhodium plated yearly if the industrial bright white colour is desired, but it can be left in its natural form. 
We offer rhodium plating and cleaning services to ensure your rings are beautifully shiny all the time.